Check out the selected matchups for Week 15's Saturday games.

NFL's Week 15 tripleheader on Dec. 16 will showcase teams vying for playoff spots. 

The selected Saturday games feature teams still in playoff contention. 

Notable matchups include the struggling Vikings facing the Bengals without Joe Burrow. 

The Steelers, currently the first wild card team, take on the surging Colts. 

Denver, on a five-game win streak, faces the NFC's No. 3 Lions in a crucial matchup. 

With college football concluding on Dec. 9, the NFL seizes the opportunity to schedule Saturday games. 

Week 16 includes matchups like Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh and Buffalo vs. Los Angeles Chargers on Dec. 23. 

Week 17 features Detroit against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, Dec. 30. 

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