Chelsea show lack of maturity in defeat to Newcastle United

NEW CASTLE: If football has a memory, it's a short one. After intense, frantic matches against Tottenham and Manchester City, the atmosphere surrounding Chelsea 

has been surprisingly lively in recent weeks. However, Saturday's humiliating 4-1 loss at St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United, revealed

the true nature of Chelsea: A team that is still very much a work in progress and that lacks many of the necessary skills.

"We were weak in each and every task," a furious Mauricio Pochettino declared. We didn't participate in every challenge.

 We failed to demonstrate that we were playing for a significant goal.

That's what enrages and disappoints me. We have to demonstrate more personality and character in these games, which enrages me immensely. We must learn from these games."

Pochettino, who was also suspended for this game, observed from high in the stands as his misgivings about his Chelsea team

were exposed and this most recent maturity test provided a decisive response.

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