Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: Final injury reports for both teams

The Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears have released their final injury reports in advance of their NFC North matchup at U.S. 

Bank Stadium on Monday night. Let's examine those reports for each team, beginning with the visiting group. 

The Bears in Borom were without one player, and Foreman and Sewell are both considered questionable. At least according to their current depth chart, 

Foreman is the Bears' top running back, so losing him would be big. Additionally, Stevenson was added to their injury report after the fact. 

This week, the Vikings did not have any players declared "out," but they do have three players on the injury report. Naturally, Justin Jefferson is the most productive; 

however, the Vikings limited him during practice this week as well. Although Jefferson has expressed his desire to return,  

I would be very surprised if he showed up on Monday night given the Vikings' upcoming bye week. Evans was absent from the Denver game last week,  

and Tonga was added to the injury report after the fact. The Vikings are as healthy as they've been in a long time aside from that. 

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