"Chris Stapleton's GQ Feature: Insights into the Musical Maestro's Journey"

"Is Chris Stapleton the One Thing On Which All Americans Can Agree?" - How did a composer who never cared about fame rise to become one of country music's

 most popular stars? GQ's Brett Martin goes road-tripping with one of music's most consistent

hitmakers ahead of a new album.": https://www.gq.com/story/chris-stapleton-gq-hype

What kind of insane, messed-up world do we live in when the best music article of the year appears in "GQ"?

It slipped my mind. I can now read "GQ" thanks to my Apple News+ subscription, but style isn't my thing,

at least not off the slopes, and too frequently in fashion magazines, the writing is just filler between the photographs. But then my sister Wendy gave me this, and I was blown away.

It begins as the standard setup, a nameless reporter up close and personal with the artist, but as time passes, some secrets are exposed...

Stapleton was the valedictorian of his high school and played baseball, football, and basketball.  You'd be astonished at how many successful people are intelligent,

whether educated or uneducated. And, while you can be a grind and be number one, you won't have time to play all of those sports, making Stapleton a regular guy.

It's also worth noting that Stapleton's first concert was with Bon Jovi. We're too often stuck in the past, believing that our ancestors must have come from the 1960s or 1970s

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