'Christ Mocked': a $28 million kitchen treasure found in a 90-year-old woman

In the flat of an elderly French woman, the artwork 'Christ Mocked' dating back to the 13th century was found over a stove.

Remarkably, the Louvre now claims this precious masterpiece. It is difficult to comprehend that such a valuable asset was in danger of being discarded.

The 90-year-old French lady uncovered the artwork in her home, which is credited to the pre-Renaissance artist Cimabue.

In the process of cleaning the house, the artwork was almost thrown away. 

To determine whether the property had any valuables, her family did, however, seek professional assistance.

The painting's initial estimated value was 400,000 euros, or $5,428,000. 

But after speaking with a Parisian art expert, it was discovered to be a real Cimabue work that was worth much more than initially thought.

An estimated 24 million euros ($28 million) is the painting's value. "Christ Mocked" is one of eight sections that make up a bigger diptych, five of which are still missing.

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