Chuck Lorre Weighs In on the End of Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola — Which Decision ‘Was Not My Call’?

Chuck Lorre is speaking out about his plan to end his two remaining CBS sitcoms, Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola, in 2024.Lorre first muses on the "natural lifespan" of the Big Bang Theory prequel,

which will conclude after Season 7 (which will consist of only 14 episodes) during an appearance on The Hollywood Reporter's TV's Top 5 podcast.

"The story of this extraordinary prodigy in a small town outside of Houston, in a family where he is very much a fish out of water — that story we've kind of told,

and the remainder of his path leading up to The Big Bang Theory happens at CalTech, in California," Lorre goes on to say. 

"Seven years… seems like the natural lifespan of [Young Sheldon], and that was a feeling that was shared between myself and both [series co-creator/executive producer] Steve Molaro and [fellow EP] Steve Holland,

who have been instrumental in keeping this thing as extraordinary as it has been."Lorre appears to be less pleased with CBS' decision to discontinue Bob Hearts Abishola after Season 5.

"I think there are so many more stories to tell," he said. "The initial motivation for that [show] was a romance wrapped around a story about immigrants who make America great — that extraordinary,

courageous effort made by millions of people who find their way in this country every year." I don't necessarily believe we were finished, but that was not my decision."

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