Closed with a "digital" kiss: Why this rock group's farewell performance won't be their final one

Say farewell to KISS, the legendary American rock group that will no longer be doing live performances.

 After doing the same thing for half a century, the popular band had their final live performance. 

They performed one last time at Madison Square Garden in New York to cap up their End of the Road tour.

Guitarist Tommy Thayer, drummer Eric Singer, and band founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons joined the stage and played beloved hits like "I Love It Loud" and "Beth."

The performers departed the stage at the conclusion of the performance, and their virtual representations performed "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" in their stead. 

 There is some good news, though, since their virtual personas will now assume the role and the members won't be performing live moving forward.

The musicians can be seen performing and breathing fire in a video that the band posted on their official YouTube page. 

The film was made using motion-capture suits, which were utilized to create the digital avatars.

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