CM Punk returns to WWE with a bang at the conclusion of Survivor Series: WarGames in Chicago.

At the conclusion of Survivor Series, CM Punk made a forceful comeback to the WWE after spending almost a decade away from the company. 

"Cult of Personality" blasted through the Allstate Arena speakers after the men's WarGames bout, driving the audience insane as the hometown hero made a comeback.

Punk performed his trademark "It's clobbering time" in front of the WWE crowd for the first time since January 2014, and he then celebrated his return with a few members of the audience.

Punk signed with AEW in 2021 and was let go with reason in September after getting into a fight backstage during the London performance of "All In."

While it's unclear if Punk will compete again, this is one of the biggest comebacks WWE has seen in recent memory.

During the press conference held after the event, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H"...

Levesque stated that the decision to include Punk again was made at the last minute and that "it didn't come to fruition until everyone thought it wasn't going to happen."

Levesque remarked, "This is one of those moments that came together like lightning in a bottle."

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