College Football Winners and Losers from Week 14

On championship weekend, it was make-or-break time for College Football Playoff hopefuls.

The playoff picture became a little clearer after a fantastic start to the weekend in a Pac-12 title game that went down to the final minutes. But how clear are things really?

Following Saturday's action, there are six legitimate contenders for the final four spots in the College Football Playoff.

Alabama shook things up in a BIG way by handing Georgia its first loss in three seasons, proving the Crimson Tide belong right in the mix for the playoffs. 

Did this eliminate the Bulldogs from contention for the playoffs? You have to believe it.

Texas (which defeated Alabama earlier this year) inspired Oklahoma State to do everything possible to make the playoffs. Michigan and Washington completed their tasks,

so they are both in. But, with Alabama, Texas, and Georgia still in the mix, what do you do with an unbeaten Florida State team that looks mediocre post-Jordan Travis injury?

There are numerous options for the committee. However, several issues were resolved on the field this weekend. The following are the big winners and losers.

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