Cowboys-Commanders Game Draws All-Time Massive Viewership

If anyone is wondering why the Dallas Cowboys are always on the NFL's Thanksgiving schedule, look no farther than Thursday's game versus the Washington Commanders.

Despite the Cowboys demolishing their NFC East rival in a 45-10 thrashing, the game garnered an incredible number of viewers as millions enjoyed the holiday.

According to CBS Sports Public Relations, the game drew 41.438 million viewers on average, the third-highest

of any regular-season game in NFL history. It also had a peak audience of 44.265 million viewers.

Only a 1990 Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers (41.6 million) and last year's Thanksgiving game..

between the Cowboys and the Giants (42.1 million) drew a higher average audience count.  

This game is the single most-watched television show on any network since Super Bowl 57 in February, in case it wasn't clear how astronomically high that number is.

It is also the most-streamed game on Paramount+ since the channel launched in 2016 (formerly CBS All Access).

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