Cowboys’ Jerry Jones defamation lawsuit refiled by woman claiming to be daughter

Alexandra Davis, a 26-year-old congressional aide who claims to be the daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, filed a defamation suit against

the billionaire and two associates on Tuesday, alleging that they plotted to portray her as a "extortionist," according to ESPN.

Last month, Federal Judge Robert W. Schroeder III dismissed much of Alexandra Davis' defamation lawsuit against Jerry Jones,

his longtime personal lawyer Donald P. Jack, and Jim Wilkinson, a communications consultant for the Jones family.

Davis originally filed a lawsuit against Jones in March 2022, seeking recognition as his biological father. According to ESPN,

the defamation suit filed in March accused Jones, Donald P. Jack, and Jim Wilkinson of waging a public campaign attacking 

her character based on false statements and accusations that they knew were false.

According to ESPN, Robert W. Schroeder III determined that some of the alleged defamatory statements about Davis were either true or "not defamatory."

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