Cowboys QB Dak Prescott eats Commanders and turkey legs after four touchdowns on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day turkey wasn't something Dak Prescott needed the game on Thursday to finish.

Prescott and his Cowboys teammates gathered around the Salvation Army kettle near the end zone.

After his fourth touchdown throw of the evening, a 34-yard pass to KaVontae Turpin in the fourth quarter, and pulled out many turkey legs to celebrate the game-winning score.

Walking back to the sidelines, the great quarterback for the Cowboys was spotted taking a large chunk out of his food.

"Group endeavor. Prescott referred to the anticipated celebration following Thursday's 45-10 victory as a "team idea."

We discussed it; I believe the procedure took two or three days. Was there any chance that coach Mike McCarthy would accept a 15-yard penalty?

Before every game, I really go talk to the coach, and sure enough, I caught him in conversation with Jerry (Jones). Thus, I brought it up. Jerry liked it, of course.

"At that moment, I just wanted to make sure the game was underway and we were up. If you watch the touchdown to CeeDee Lamb and the subsequent two-point conversion, I'm kind of thinking, 'Is it time? Is it possible for us to succeed?

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