Cowboys' Super Bowl hopes are discussed by Emmitt Smith, who says, "More concerned about what's between our ears."

The Dallas Cowboys improved to 9-3 with a win over the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night, demonstrating that they could win against good teams at home.

Dallas will need more than three Dak Prescott touchdown passes to make noise in the postseason. 

Smith, who collaborated with Bud Light on a new ad campaign starring Peyton Manning, told Fox News Digital befor

the Cowboys' 41-35 Week 13 victory how the team would reclaim contention.

"I'm not concerned by the talent," the Pro Football Hall of Famer stated. "I'm more concerned with what's going on between our ears." Because 90%

of the game is mental and 10% is physical. So what's going on between the ears is crucial. "I look for how you prepare

and how you go out there and deliver on the football field on a consistent basis week in and week out."

Are we developing the chemistry that we need to develop with the intensity that must accompany every game

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