Croatian Museum of Illusions keeps growing in the United States

ZAGREB, 2020-01-09 – The well-liked Croatian Museum of Illusions is still growing quickly in the US.

After being inaugurated by Roko Živković and Tomislav Pamuković in Zagreb in 2015, the Museum of Illusions has grown quickly and is currently open in 18 locations across the globe,

including Toronto, Ljubljana, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Athens, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna. 

The museum will open for business this summer at 25 E. Washington St. in Chicago, joining its other US locations in Dallas, Kansas City, and New York.  

The Museum of Illusions has a variety of optical illusion exhibits, smart playrooms with games and puzzles, and hologram and stereogram displays.

It provides engaging, immersive, and enjoyable experiences for people of all ages.

"Our museum is about so much more than just beautiful things; it has moments that make for great photos. 

 The museum's communications director, Stacey Stec, said in a statement, "We've carefully and thoughtfully designed this museum to provide an educational experience that will leave guests feeling inspired long after they leave," Chicago Business reports.

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