Crude expert believes Saudi Arabia might "flush" the oil market with a barrage of supplies to retake control over pricing in the face of surging US output.

A sudden rush of supplies from Saudi Arabia may "flush" the market and drive down prices, according to one analyst.

This occurs after OPEC+ members, without making any specific pledges, committed to voluntary output reduction at the end of their most recent meeting.

In the meantime, US crude production has surged this year, setting new records.

An expert in the energy sector said that Saudi Arabia would reverse its production limitations and flood the market with extra oil supplies in an attempt to restore control over pricing. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest petroleum exporter.

This occurs as the latest conference of OPEC+ draws to an end, with members promising to reduce output voluntarily without making specific promises, which has caused oil prices to decline.

"We've been suggesting that Saudi Arabia might need to clear this up," Paul Sankey of Sankey Research said to CNBC on Friday.

He calculated that Saudi Arabia could increase its production by a further 2.5 million barrels per day.

The de factor leader of OPEC is currently seeking to support the price of petroleum by reducing production. It continued to slash 1 million barrels per day throughout the first quarter on Thursday.

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