Crypto experts predict that the current surge in value will push bitcoin above $100,000 by 2024.

Industry executives hailed the beginning of a new bull market, with an increasing number of voices predicting new all-time highs for bitcoin above $100,000 in 2024

Bitcoin has increased by more than 120% so far this year, and many believe the rise will last until 2024.

"[2023] seems to have been a year to prepare for the impending bull run." 

 However, the mood is quite optimistic for [2024] and 25, as Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier stated in a recent interview with CNBC.

November 2021 saw the digital currency reach its most recent record high of about $69,00.

Since then, a long list of problems have plagued the cryptocurrency sector, including bankruptcies, criminal prosecutions, and the collapse of currencies and projects.

 After being found guilty on seven charges of criminal fraud, FTX's founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, faced over 100 years in jail when the exchange collapsed.

FTX was once among the largest exchanges in the world.

Many in the sector believe that the resolution of the two lawsuits marks the end of problems that have beset the cryptocurrency market.

David Marcus, CEO of Lightspark, said in an interview with CNBC last week that "I think that once you get the speculative phase out of the way, 

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