Deion Sanders Invited to Mount Rushmore by SD Governor After Coach Thought It Was in CA

After a video of Colorado coach Deion Sanders assuming Mount Rushmore was in Los Angeles rather than South Dakota went viral,

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem invited Sanders to visit the historic landmark on X (previously Twitter).

She also invited the whole Buffaloes football team, as well as the school mascot, Ralphie the Buffalo.

"If @DeionSanders needs to see Mount Rushmore, we'd love to show him," Noem said in a tweet. "Bring the entire @CUBuffsFootball team

 we have our own buffalo herds just a short distance away!" Ralphie will enjoy Custer State Park."

During his Tuesday news conference, Sanders casually mentioned Mount Rushmore, but was corrected by the reporters in the room.

"Where is it?" All this time I believed it was in Los Angeles! My geography is amazing.

Isn't that the Hollywood thing? "I'm sorry," Sanders chuckled. "I appreciate you educating me. South Dakota, Jesus."

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