Deion Sanders Is an Inspiration for Every Athlete—Including LeBron Jame

My first memories of watching sports involve Deion Sanders. I still remember how he looked. The manner in which he walked. His swagger just oozed through the TV screen.

Everything about him appealed to me. I was blown away by his talent, style, and drive. And the way he approached the game both on and off the field has stayed with me to this day.

Prime Time taught me that "look good, feel good." Feel good, and play well. They pay well if you play well."

I still lay my uniform out on the floor and inspect it before putting it on. That came from Deion. He always looked good on the field—and he didn't just say it, he lived it. It was incredible to watch.

Fast-forward After a few years and a few children, it's still amazing to watch Prime do his thing as a father. As parents, we give our children our undivided and unconditional love and support.

 We hold them accountable at the same time. We want them to be the best they can be. We want them to be incredible in whatever sport

or activity they participate in. More importantly, we want them to be extraordinary young men and women. And it all begins at home.

You get respect if you give respect. That's something Coach Prime and I keep talking about.

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