Deion Sanders Is SI’s 2023 Sportsperson of the Year

The photo shoot was progressing as it usually does, becoming a battle of wills between the perfectionists with the cameras, lighting,

and smoke machine and the impatient subjects arrayed in front of them. Deion Sanders was fidgety between poses.

Colorado's coach was surrounded by his supporters: The entourage included his agent, the school's chancellor and athletic director, and Peggy Coppom, a 99-year-old superfan.

Sanders threw one-liners at his sons, social media maven Deion Jr., Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur, and safety Shilo, as the photo crew went over the details

He kissed his daughter, Colorado basketball player Shelomi, on the temple with his arm around her. He knelt down to speak so that tiny Peggy could hear him.

(In terms of personality, Peggy is Deion's match. "I thought I was coming for the Swimsuit edition," that's what she said.

But this shoot at Folsom Field had to come to an end so Coach Prime could get back to coaching. "We're doing one more shot," he said softly but firmly. "Let's go."

One more shot became two, with a different backdrop. Sanders paced between shutter clicks and strobe flashes, chatting with a visitor 

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