Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds Call It Quits, Sanders React

Deion Sanders and his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds have decided to end their relationship. They had been together for 12 years and were engaged. 

However, it appears that the two have decided to part ways. It was never disclosed why they decided to stop their relationship. Edmonds,

on the other hand, took to Instagram to thank everyone for their support. Despite this,

she stated that she and Deion will stay friends, as this was the best course of action for all parties.

"To EVERYONE who has stood by our side, supported us, and given us love..."We have mutually decided that it is best for us to move forward in life AS FRIENDS,

and we made this decision with love in our hearts, respect for each other, and appreciation for the time we've spent together," she stated. 

"Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition." THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR US! We adore and value you tremendously!"

Deion Sanders later commented on the photo, saying, "Love u Tracey and You've been a true blessing to me." I value the times we've spent together and the laughs we've had

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