Deion Sanders, who took issue with the NCAA's recruiting policy, lost three commitments.

Since Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders called out the NCAA for allowing players to continue their visitation after committing to a program, 

three college football recruits from Colorado have decommitted.

Sanders proposed that the NCAA change its recruiting guidelines to forbid players who have already committed to a program from keeping their options open,

following receiver Winston Watkins Jr.'s decision to reopen his recruitment last week.

"A child isn't even loyal to his partner." Do you really believe that he will stick with one school? Man, get over it.

According to David Ubben of The Athletic, Sanders stated, "That's an emotional thing."

He went on, "What I wish the NCAA would do is prohibit you from making any more visits if you've committed somewhere.

Being committed indicates that you are committed. You are unable to make any more visits. Why do you allow children to go on other visits even though you claim to be committed? That implies that you are merely having fun.

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