DeSantis Political Action Committee The CEO has resigned.

Chris Jankowski, the CEO of the Never Back Down super PAC, stepped down after internal squabbles among Ron DeSantis supporters heated up.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the chief executive of the super PAC that has effectively taken over Gov. 

Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign resigned after days of infighting among DeSantis allies over strategy,

financing, and how to blunt the momentum of one of his rivals, Nikki Haley.

Chris Jankowski, the CEO of Never Back Down, the biggest pro-DeSantis super PAC, resigned from the board of directors on Wednesday.

The resignation went into effect immediately. Mr. Jankowski stated in a statement made by the group that his disagreements with them go

"well beyond a difference of strategic opinion."

Sheridan, however, discloses in the interview that the series’ entire future was jeopardized during the scripting and filming of that finale. 

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