Despite a rise in Thanksgiving box office, Napoleon's Rotten Tomatoes score is declining.

Napoleon, the new Ridley Scott film starring Joaquin Phoenix, drops on Rotten Tomatoes despite Thanksgiving box office success. 

Napoleon fails to impress Rotten Tomatoes critics and audiences. The new Ridley Scott historical epic stars Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte and Vanessa Kirby as his first wife Empress Joséphine. 

The movie grossed $32.5 million domestically (No. 2 behind The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) and $46.3 million internationally during Thanksgiving week 

totalling $78.8 million worldwide. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Napoleon's Rotten Tomatoes score was a lukewarm 61% from critics and 60% from audiences,

barely passing the 60% threshold for Fresh. New reviews from critics and audiences have quietly turned both scores Rotten as the movie enters its second weekend in theatres, 

according to Rotten Tomatoes. As of writing, the movie's critic score is 59% from 273 reviews and audience score is 58% from over 1,000 verified ratings.

The Napoleon box office has pulled off shocking coups. In its opening weekend, it topped the global box office despite not playing in many major Asian markets and beat out Disney's Wish at the domestic box office, 

despite Disney Thanksgiving releases historically doing well. It remains to be seen if it can reverse its Rotten Tomatoes score decline.

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