Did Dolly Parton Score the Biggest Touchdown Against the Cowboys? — Watch! 

According to some, Dolly Parton scored the game-winning touchdown in the Thanksgiving Day game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders. 

With the Cowboys leading 20-10 at halftime — and on their way to a 45-10 thrashing of the Washington football team 

it was up to Dolly to liven things up with a halftime show in which she donned a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders uniform and sang 

Jolene," "9 to 5", and "We Are the Champions" (though the Cowboys are currently second in the NFC East). Watch the entire video here.

Dolly's "Red Kittle Kickoff" halftime show was part of a larger campaign that the iconic entertainer is spearheading this holiday season in support of the Salvation 

Army's sparkly new red donation kettles, which you'll see on sidewalks everywhere in the coming weeks. (See the promotional video below.)

Parton's victory came on the same Thanksgiving Day that another 77-year-old music legend, 

Cher, performed a new single during NBC's coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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