Were Kevin Costner's parents featured in any of these classic films?

California's Compton is where Kevin Costner was raised. Kevin is the social worker Shannon's kid and utilities executive William's son. After Kevin became famous, he introduced his parents to the world of Hollywood. Kevin brought Shannon and William onto the set of several of his most famous films, casting them in supporting or minor roles.  

Shannon and William, sometimes referred to as Bill, both starred in Tin Cup (1996) and For Love of the Game (1999), according to IMDb. In addition, 

Bill was cast in Dances with Wolves (1990), Kevin's first major film as director. In a 2014 episode of Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show, Kevin disclosed the story of how his father got into the epic Western film. "I never told this story," he remembered.  

"As I'm about to give up my life in Dances with Wolves, I do that Catholic thing, and the soldier who is going to shoot me gets shot in the forehead. When he does that, I pull back, and my father is holding the pistol." "You want to be in the movie, you want to save me?" I asked Kevin, and he responded, "Yeah." You can put individuals into simple things."  

Prior to his parents' passing, Kevin enjoyed a close relationship with Shannon and Bill, and has spoken about how supportive they had been. 

During his appearance on the Late Late Show, the A-lister couldn't help but smile as he reflected on one of their sweet gestures. "My parents followed me…they saw my little league games and everything," he said.  

"And when I went to direct a film, they took a trailer to South Dakota and said, 'We'll watch you from a hill over here. We won't get in the way.'" I was like, 'I'm a mature man.' When I would wake up in the morning, I would see their motor home and two lawn chairs. I would then go work with the boys, and as I was leaving, I would see my mother wave,  

so I would return the favor." Kevin also mentioned in a 2012 interview with The Hollywood Reporter how his father in particular had influenced his own work ethic. "My dad was a tough guy who could fight; he was a fighter." And he gave me instruction in a way that was intended to succeed," Kevin clarified.  

Though Shannon and Bill have sadly since passed away, Kevin has happy memories of them. The actor and Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter had a conversation in 2022 while the actor was filming Yellowstone in Montana.  

When asked about his father's response to the play, Kevin recounted that Bill had first entirely changed his mind about coming on as John Dutton after warning him against it. "My dad passed away this year, my mom too within seven months of each other," the actress revealed. 

"He showed a great deal of interest in my work and told me, 'You're going to lose your audience, fella. That show is explicit. Son, they're going to drift off.You should take note of what I just said. I simply say, "Oh my God," as I glance at my father. And after a few years, he says, "The nurses are curious about the resolution."  

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