Disney’s Loki faces backlash over alleged use of generative AI

Professional designers are divided over a promotional graphic for the second season of Loki on Disney Plus,

raising questions over whether or not generative AI was used in its creation. The spiraling clock in the background, according to illustrator Katria Raden, "is giving all the AI telltale signs,

like things randomly turning into meaningless squiggles" (a reference to the artifacts occasionally left

behind by AI-image generators). Raden reported the image on X (formerly Twitter) last week

.The fear held by the creative community is that AI image generators could eventually replace human artists and are being trained on their work without their permission.

 Disney faced criticism in the past for employing generative AI in Secret Invasion, 

 a different Marvel series, even though the company insisted that the usage of AI technologies did not take away from the need for real designers in the project.

The background of the Loki artwork appears to have been taken from an identical stock photo on Shutterstock titled 

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