Dolly Parton’s Manager Reveals She Kept Her Halftime Show Outfit a Secret Until the Last Minute

Dolly Parton startled fans during her halftime appearance during the Thanksgiving Day football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders. 

Her performance, as always, captivated the audience. Her Cowboys cheerleading dress

 on the other hand, had everyone talking. According to recent accounts, her stage attire astounded even her own staff.

 Danny Nozell, Parton's manager, recently spoke to Billboard about the event. Of course, he had to comment on her clothing. 

"It was completely her idea," said Nozell. Furthermore, she kept the notion to herself until the last minute.

"She waited until she was about to go on stage and came out of the dressing room to show us all," Nozell said

"When she came out, myself, the security, and my staff fainted." He went on to praise Parton's cheerleader-inspired outfit.

"I couldn't distinguish between Dolly and the cheerleaders." That is Dolly's genius, and everyone is talking about it."

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