Dolly Parton’s Sister Stella Defends Saucy Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleader Outfit

Stella Parton is unimpressed by Dolly Parton's detractors. Last week, the country singer performed at an NFL halftime Thanksgiving show during 

the Dallas Cowboys' game against the Washington Commanders, dressed in a Cowboys cheerleading costume.

This included a bedazzled white waistcoat and short white shorts. Though the 77-year-old was praised in some circles, she was chastised by others who claimed 

she was too old to wear such an attire. "I personally thought my big sister Dolly was cute as hell in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading costume

at the half time show on Thanksgiving," Stella, a 74-year-old woman, remarked. "To those of you who are so critical of a 77-year-old

kicking up her heels, I say fuck yourself," she continued. It's your fault, not hers."

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