Donald Trump's Speech Gaffe Sparks Flood of Jokes and Memes

After his mistake about launching all-out war on American democracy, which he later clarified, went viral, former President Donald Trump became the focus of jokes and memes.

Trump, who has made a number of gaffes on the campaign trail, made the remark inadvertently while continuing his assaults on the 2020 election results during a campaign visit in Iowa on Saturday, December 2.

"You voted in 2016 to stand up to those liars, looters, losers, crooks, and creeps." You chose an outsider to be your president, and it was all about America first.

"We want to put our country first; they haven't done that in a long time, but we did it for four years and that's why we did so well," Trump, the Republican nominee, told a cheering crowd in Cedar Rapids.

After been indicted on four charges in August on allegations of attempting to change the results of the 2020 election, 

the former president is now facing an electoral subversion prosecution in Washington D.C. He has entered a not guilty plea to the accusations.

"That's why they say it was one of the great presidencies." Even his opponents have said that he performed admirably at times.

 'Take it back!' they yell. His supporters urge, 'Take it back.' From that day on, our opponents, many opponents, but we have waged an all-out attack on American democracy."

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