Drake Maye May End Patriots' Post-Tom Brady Blues in 2024 NFL Projection? 

Since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots after the 2019 season, it hasn't been easy. 

The Pats have fallen into the NFL cellar, going from being consistent Lombardi Trophy candidates to being in the running for the top draft pick, 

while the GOAT went off and won another Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.The bright side for supporters in New England? 

the opportunity to draft a true franchise quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft; they should have several prospects deserving of a top pick. 

In the most recent NFL mock draft from SB Nation for 2024, Drake Maye of North Carolina is selected by the Pats with the second overall choice. 

Caleb Williams of USC and Maye are competing for this year's top pick, and each has a compelling argument to make. In this projection, 

Williams is selected by the Chicago Bears with the first overall pick, 

but by the time April arrives, things might have changed.

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