Dwayne Johnson, the inspirational icon of the GRO Awards 

The talented performer, producer, and businessman is aware of what it takes to succeed both on and off screen. 

Every time Dwayne Johnson appears in a Hollywood production, his career trajectory soars to new heights.Prior to the release of his upcoming holiday movie, 

"Red One," later this year, Johnson has been named one of the highest-grossing actors. 

The actor reportedly received $50 million for the role, which is the highest payment any actor has ever received for a film and the highest amount he has ever received for a role. 

Prior to that, the superstar from Hollywood was paid $22.5 million to play the lead in the DC superhero film "Black Adam." 

Johnson still made extra millions from producing the movie and marketing it on social ,

media after declaring that there would not be a sequel ,

because of a change in leadership. The movie was released in 2022.

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