Eight Garden Layouting Designs for All Sizes

Many plants, including the gorgeous hellebores pictured here, may blossom in the winter. Did you know that? Plant flowers that bloom in the winter to enjoy your garden during the chilly months. 

Winter Flower 

A blossoming tree as the main attraction will make your yard stand out. Dogwoods and other white-flowering trees are wonderful accent trees. 

Flowering Tree 

Beautify your yard and help the pollinators in your community! Plant trees, shrubs, and flowers that attract pollinators. Equally delightful as your flowers will be the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees that flit about. 

Pollinator Garden 

When building a new patio, include a planting bed to help define the area and give it the feel of an outdoor room. 

Patio Garden Bed 

Why start fresh flower gardens each year? You can create a garden that requires little maintenance by adding perennial flowers, which come back year after year. 

Perennial Garden 

Sometimes moving higher is the only way to progress! On a patio or deck, vining plants can offer seclusion and shading. Potted vines are equally effective as those planted in beds. 

Vertical Garden 

Nothing's more refreshing after a long, dark winter than greeting spring with bright and cheery flowering bulbs. But if critters are an issue, stick with bulbs they don't like, such as daffodils and hyacinths.  

Spring Bulb Garden 

A garden should be appealing on many different levels. Engage all your senses by planting a variety of fragrant flowers and shrubs.  

Fragrant Garden 

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