Elon Musk calls critics hypocritical virtue-signalers who care only about appearance: They f--- 

At the New York Times DealBook Summit on Wednesday, Elon Musk responded to his detractors ,

by stating that he was more concerned with improving the world than with winning over everyone to his way of thinking. 

The divisive billionaire, who rebranded Twitter X after seizing control of the platform last year, 

has been under fire lately for social media posts that some claim were antisemitic and promoted conspiracy theories. 

Musk said that it was "not his intention" to incite antisemites with the posts, expressed regret for doing so, 

and reiterated his support for Israel at the New York Times event. Along with scolding advertisers who had threatened to withdraw from the platform ,

due to the controversy, he also insensitively declared to moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin that he had no "problem being hated." 

Considering that Musk has adopted a more cautious stance when managing his many companies, Sorkin questioned ,

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