Elon Musk Retracts After Making a Divisive Decision 

Shortly after the change was made to the social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), 

Elon Musk retracted his decision to remove headlines from news article posts.August saw the announcement ,

by billionaire Musk—whose acquisition of the social media behemoth last year was beset by financial difficulties, 

outages, and other controversies—that the platform would eliminate headlines and text from these types of posts, 

with links only appearing on the main image of an article.At the time of the announcement, 

Musk claimed that the change would "greatly improve esthetics" on the platform and that it was ordered "directly" by him.

Musk acknowledged that when the modification was put into effect the following month, in September, 

its main goal was to keep users on the platform by lowering traffic to outside websites.

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