Erik Spoelstra on the Miami Heat's blown lead against the New York Knicks: 'There's Karma in it.' 

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra discusses his team's loss to the New York Knicks.The Miami Heat's collapse against the New York Knicks on Friday night left many wondering what went wrong. 

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra blamed the loss on a lack of effort after the team had built a double-digit lead that dwindled in the final period. However, he claimed that the lead was dwindling even before the fourth quarter began. 

"I think it was even before then," Spoelstra stated. "By the end of the third quarter, we were up 20 points or more." Turnovers and a bad shot, we didn't get back on defense, 

and then it's a Quickley three and another three, and it's suddenly 13-point game. We had the opportunity to take it to 25, as we did the other night, and it had karma. We were extremely careless."

At the end, Jimmy Butler had a questionable shot that many thought was rushed or poorly placed. 

Spoelstra, on the other hand, defended Butler and even said he wished the offense had been that fast all night. "That's fine with me," Spoelstra said. "I like that scramble situation;

that's what we discussed doing." We tried to set up a few too many times in the fourth quarter, in my opinion. We slowed down, allowing their defense to pack and force us into late-game situations. 

I wish we had more situations like this where we could get the ball into Jimmy's hands in 4-5 seconds. Or someone else, but at a much faster pace. 

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