Find the ideal holiday presents for Beyoncé devotees, ranging from the official to the handmade.

People ought to express gratitude to their fans. Buying them is simple.

They also sell a variety of products that are ideal as gifts, ranging from clothing to Christmas tree ornaments to the music itself. Don't forget to save a "thank you" for the artists they support and your fellow fans.

This contemporary fandom phenomenon is not unique to Beyoncé's Beyhive, so we've compiled a list of Beyoncé-approved presents for the hive members in your life. 

The gifts should get your holiday shopping started, ranging from official merchandise to handmade items.

The hand-painted, personalized jackets from Beyoncé will keep her fans warm this winter. 

Anthony Pittman, a thirty-year-old painter and muralist, made two leather pieces for himself and a friend to wear to Beyoncé's Renaissance concert in Paris, and after that he noticed a surge in requests.

The majority of Pittman's inventory is made up of leather and denim jackets. 

"Every garment is hand painted using fabric painting mediums based on acrylic," he claims. It takes a lot of time, concentration, and Beyoncé playing in the background. 

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