Following his devastating announcement, Martin Henderson's "Virgin River" fans swarm to his defense.

When Virgin River actor Martin Henderson revealed on Instagram that he had lost his dog, Sammy, supporters flocked to offer their condolences. 

 The 49-year-old actor, who has never spoken publicly about his personal life, had previously shared pictures of his dog on social media, and his fans were devastated to learn that the dog had died. 

He disclosed that he took some small comfort in cuddling a new puppy.

Martin posted a selfie to Instagram featuring the yellow Labrador. "A lot of people ask me where Sammy is," he wrote. 

As I have previously stated, he sadly passed away two summers ago. been a significant void in my life that I've been able to fill with an immense sense of gratitude for the love and blessing he was in my life. 

 I haven't felt like spending much time with dogs since his death; it still hurts too much to even begin to process what I've lost.

 However, it seems like I'm healing because it was a pleasure to cuddle with this adorable little bundle of fur. 

I apologize for hearing about Sammy. It takes time to decide if getting another dog is the right decision.

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