Following his painful divorce from his ex-wife, Kevin Costner celebrated on Richard Branson's Caribbean island.

Following his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner reportedly spent time on Richard Branson's Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, attending the exclusive Necker Cup tennis tournament. 

Despite the recent divorce, Costner was seen in high spirits during the Necker Cup. Sources mentioned that he engaged with other guests, discussed upcoming movie projects, and even screened part of his latest film. 

Costner actively participated in various activities on the island, including scuba diving, sailing, and socializing at dinners. Reports praised his kindness, describing him as "so nice." 

Guests attending the Necker Cup reportedly pay up to $100,000 for access to play with top tennis stars, attend an "End of the World" themed party, and play pickleball. Richard Branson was commended as the ultimate host. 

Kevin Costner's attendance at such events suggests he is moving forward after a challenging divorce, which included disputes over valuables and child support with Christine Baumgartner. 

The divorce settlement included a court-ordered monthly child support payment of $63,209 for the former couple's three children. Initially, Costner had been temporarily ordered to pay $129,000 per month before the final hearing. 

After the divorce, rumors circulated about a potential romantic involvement between Kevin Costner and Reese Witherspoon. 

Despite fans' excitement about a possible new couple, a representative for Reese Witherspoon dismissed the dating rumors as "completely fabricated and not true," putting an end to the speculation surrounding Costner's post-divorce romantic life. 

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