Football: CU Buffs need collectives to step up as Coach Prime builds roster

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has made it known that he is not a fan of college football players putting money first.

Sanders said of collectives in an interview with BuffZone in December: "That's just, 'Hey, I'll give you some money if you come here and play.'

That's all that is." That's where college football has gone, and it's not what it's meant to be."

Fast forward to last Tuesday, and he stated the exact same thing.

"We're not a bank. That will not happen here," he stated. "If you come to Colorado to play football for me and the Colorado Buffaloes because

you want to play football and get a great education, all of the business stuff will be handled on the back end if that's the case, but we're not an ATM." 

You're not coming here to get rich unless you're serious about going to the NFL and getting your degree."

Sanders also understands how big-time college football works. Every year, the transfer portal is a big affair. 

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