Former Grizzlies player feels Ja Morant's suspension return may be delayed. 

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies has been counting down the number of games until his 25-game suspension is up, 

but according to a former NBA player, he should postpone it by one. 

Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas recommended that Morant return home against ,

the Indiana Pacers rather than traveling to face the New Orleans Pelicans during a recent episode of Gil's Arena. 

Regarding Morant, Arenas remarked, "He ain't coming home on the road." 

"You might as well pull that f--king game off TNT on December 19th. We are not taking on the Pelicans. No. 

You must visit Memphis. You had better make that the TNT game, Indiana Pacers. You can implore this man endlessly, 

but you're already on his bad side if Ja is indeed clever... NBA. He will play at his house. 

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