Francis Ford Coppola lands ‘Dukedom comment about Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has received great praise from director Francis Ford Coppola.

The director turned to Instagram to share a sneak peek of Ridley Scott's latest film, Napoleon. He went on and on about what he thinks of Scott and his work for the caption.

He began the message by informing readers how he first became aware of Scott.

"I first heard of Ridley Scott through his picture The Duellists. "I was impressed, and realizing he was my contemporary,

I began following his work, which was, to put it mildly, prodigious," the award-winning director said.

"One after the other, different styles, themes — all ambitious and never-ending, absolutely great films like Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Alien, and Black Hawk Down,"

 he remarked. I understand he was knighted for his tremendous work, but he deserves a Dukedom for such outstanding quality input."

But that wasn't all. He went on to say: "I never really got to meet him, aside from a few phone calls arranging 

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