Francis Ford Coppola: Ridley Scott ‘Should Be Given a Dukedom for Such Outstanding Outstanding Quality Output’,

As a fellow auteur, Francis Ford Coppola was unable to suppress his praise for Ridley Scott.

Coppola shared his excitement for "Napoleon" on Instagram along with praise for Scott's tenacious work ethic in his eighties. 

Joaquin Phoenix plays the French emperor in the historical drama.

"The Duellists, directed by Ridley Scott, is the movie that introduced me to him." 

I was captivated by his work and, upon discovering that he was a contemporary of mine, I started to follow his impressive body of work," Coppola wrote. "

After one another, diverse themes and styles—all bold and unrelenting—absolutely fantastic movies like Blade Runner, Thorma & Louise, Alien, and Black Hawk Down."

Although I acknowledge that he was knighted for his tremendous achievement, he truly deserves a dukedom for such remarkable work.

"Aside from a few phone calls arranging the bargain sale of the neon sets from my own 'One From the Heart,' which live on forever in his unforgettable 'Blade Runner,' I never really got to meet him," Coppola wrote.

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