From worst to best, every Harry Potter film has been ranked.

The Harry Potter book series, which tells the tale of the boy who lived, was adapted for the big screen more than 20 years ago. It featured an ensemble of unknown lead actors, 

a plethora of well-known faces from the UK's entertainment elite, and an abundance of special effects.

Even after the series concluded in 2011, people couldn't stop talking about and debating the movies because they had a mystical effect on them from the very beginning. 

It appears that we will be discussing these films for a long time to come, especially since Max will be returning to television in a few years. 

The second installment of the series, and the final one from director Chris Columbus, opens the rundown. 

With a runtime of more than two hours and forty minutes, the 2002 film is also the longest in the series and debuted the beloved character Dobby. 

The film's endearing Hogwarts house elf helped elevate it above its somewhat gloomier and more tedious sequences during a period when computer-generated imagery was often criticized. 

Although not terrible, Chamber of Secrets is far from reaching the dizzying heights of its follow-ups. It was customary at the time to divide Harry's last book into two parts,

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