Getting Ready Olivia Dunne shows off her incredible flexibility in tight yoga pants as the Sports Illustrated model returns to the gym.

Olivia Dunne, a gymnastics sensation from LSU, has once again created a stir on social media with her incredible athleticism and flexibility. 

Fans of Dunne, who has an astounding combined following of over 10 million on TikTok and Instagram, 

are in awe of her most recent gymnastics workout video. 

Olivia Dunne is seen performing an incredible routine at the LSU gymnasium in the widely shared Instagram video.  

She starts the routine with a front and back flip and then does additional flips after the initial jump, all of which lead to a perfect landing on her feet. 

Dunne wrote the following caption for the video: "Hey seniors can play with new skills too! #partner_Vuori.” 

She is a well-known gymnastics player for LSU and has demonstrated her extraordinary talent and commitment to her craft on several occasions. 

Dunne's social media presence has only helped to increase her impact and motivate fitness enthusiasts and aspiring gymnasts. 

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