Gisele Bündchen says, "So Proud of You in Every Way" on her daughter Vivian's 11th birthday.

It's another trip around the sun for Gisele Bündchen's baby!

The 43-year-old beauty celebrated her daughter Vivian's 11th birthday on Tuesday by posting a slideshow of pictures on Instagram. 

The mom of two is cuddled up with her daughter who looks a lot like Vivian in the first picture. Vivian's cheek is pressed against her forehead for a sweet mother-daughter picture.

As seen in the other photos, Vivian goes horseback riding with her mom, does yoga, cuddles with her cat, and gets a birthday hug from her 13-year-old brother Benjamin.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart! In every way, I'm so proud of you. Thanks for making my day better. I love you very much❤," the happy mom wrote in the caption, which also had the dedication in Portuguese.

She has two kids with Tom Brady, 46, who used to be her husband and won the Super Bowl.

Before this week, after getting her purple belt in jiu-jitsu, Bündchen posted a bunch of pictures and videos to her Instagram Story. The model stood for a picture with her daughter and son, who were all dressed in matching robes.

Ben wrapped his arms around his mom, and his sister Vivian smiled for the camera as she laid across from Bündchen and her brother.

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