Gomez: I'm 'Always in the Kitchen' with Her Grandparents, Roommates! 

Selena Gomez's kitchen is staffed with many cooks, including her grandparents!

The star of Only Murders in the Building disclosed that she lives with her grandparents, Papa and Nana,  

and that their refrigerator is stocked with leftover food in an Instagram video that was uploaded to the Food Network's official account. 

The Selena + Chef host responded, "If it's a random Tuesday night, I'm definitely eating something my grandma made, 

probably [from] the night before," when asked what she typically eats on a weeknight. 

In the video, she said, "I live with my grandparents, so we're in the kitchen and we're always cooking." 

"I'm pretty sure I won't be ordering in; it has to be something from home because we always have leftovers." 

In the social media video, the celebrity shared other food-related information about herself and responded to quick-fire questions about cooking. 

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