Greene Rages After Republicans Decide To'Protect' Biden's Cabinet From Impeachment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) blasted Republicans for failing to do enough to block Democratic initiatives that she believes are harming Americans.

She emphasised the growth in crime, border concerns, and economic challenges during the Biden administration, 

and she chastised Republicans for lacking the bravery to impeach important government individuals.

Greene also singled out individual Republicans she believes are failing to oppose these initiatives.

"Here's why I hate Republicans right now: They don't do a damn thing to stop it, Tucker," Carlson was quoted as saying by Greene.

"They campaign on it every election cycle." They discuss it. They go on the TV and say all these beautiful things to their supporters and funders."

"They do their committee hearings' five-minute clips and post it all over social media, and then they send red-meat fundraising emails

and no one does a damn thing to stop the agenda that is literally killing Americans.""The American people should not tolerate it," Greene declared.

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