GTA 6 PC release to be skipped by Rockstar Games? What we currently know is as follows.

The long-awaited trailer for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 6 was released on Tuesday and rapidly went viral on social media, with the official YouTube video collecting over 50 million views in the 10 hours it was available. 

The trailer for the widely anticipated sequel to GTA V, however, was released ahead of schedule, thanks to a leak on X (previously Twitter), which caused the developers to reverse direction.

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Many prior leaks and predictions about the game have proven true with the publication of the GTA 6 video, 

Including the inclusion of a new female heroine - Lucia, the first in the Grand Theft Auto series, the Vice City setting, and the 2025 release date.

Rockstar Games' parent firm Take-Two Interactive stated in a press release following the publication of the trailer that the latest incarnation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise will appear in 2025 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox franchise X and Series S.

However, there was no word on when or if the game would be released on PC, much to the chagrin of many PC gamers.

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