‘Happy. When Inter Miami lost Messi, I had pals who weren't

Mike Longin, one of the followers of Green Lot Gang Inter Miami, claims he had to switch off his phone when he learned that Lionel Messi had officially signed.

"Hey, Messi's coming," yelled my friends, family, and even my pool guy. We can't wait to see you. The day was full with excitement. 

But from the start, there was also the question, "Well, what does this mean?" We were aware that nothing would be the same.

Apart from the fact that people who had never given much thought to Inter Miami before—from pool players to A-list celebrities—have become much more interested in the club,.

One of the biggest changes that longtime supporters have had to make since Messi arrived is the dynamic between the team and its supporters.

The squad would gather at the club's training facility on game days before making the short trek to DRV PNK Stadium before Messi signed. 

Barriers flanked both sides of the players' journey, but spectators were free to assemble along the railings, where they could take photographs, hunt for signatures, and give their heroes high fives. 

Ritual is no longer conceivable given the swarming swarms of new fans and journalists clamoring for a peek of Messi. Rather, following their pre-match ceremonies, the team boards a hired bus and travels 150 yards to the stadium.

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