Her Best Is Still the Original Elizabeth Olsen Film 

"Martha Marcy May Marlene" features Elizabeth Olsen in one of her best performances to date, 

demonstrating her ability to play more subdued, dramatic roles.The movie explores trauma in a novel way by emphasizing ,

showing over telling and letting Olsen's performance do the talking."Martha Marcy May Marlene" depicts the intricacies ,

and aftereffects of leaving a cult and offers an exceptional and compassionate examination of severe trauma. 

Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durkin, made its Sundance Film Festival debut in 2011. 

The eerie movie that followed a young woman as she dealt with the fallout from leaving a cult received the recognition it deserved. 

with Durkin taking home the festival's directing prize. Even though it was released more than ten years ago, 

the movie has remained well-known. Jason Wood writes in a review of Little White Lies that it "flickers powerfully in the memory." 

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